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New to the IB Diploma Program (DP)? We realize that understanding this IB program is imperative for guardians and watchmen who need to help their tyke all through their examinations.s,i

  • The full IB diploma

The IB certificate is an all around perceived capability granted to understudies who satisfy every single required part of the two-year IB Diploma Program (DP). To get the full IB certificate, understudies must 1) take three more elevated amount (HL) and three standard level (SL) courses and exams, 2) finish the DP center prerequisites, and 3) be granted a base aggregate score of 24 out of 45 conceivable focuses.

  • DP core

Notwithstanding finishing courses in six branches of knowledge, full IB recognition competitors are required to finish the three center segments: creativity, activity, service (CAS), the extended essay (EE), and theory of knowledge (TOK).

Creativity, activity, service (CAS)

For CAS, an understudy finishes exercises that enable their figuring out how to reach out past the classroom. Numerous understudies satisfy CAS prerequisites through network administration or games, yet extra conceivable outcomes exist insofar as the task incorporates one of the three classifications: imagination, movement or administration. All through CAS, understudies ponder their encounters and clarify how their exercises enable them to accomplish particular learning results.

Expanded Essay

The all-inclusive paper is a composed research venture of close to 4000 words. Understudies pick their very own points and the finished paper is sent to IB arbitrators around the globe for reviewing. For extra help, understudies commonly select a coach to help distinguish a point and give direction while inquiring about and composing.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

TOK is a course in which understudies talk about and analyze the idea of knowledge– its value, veracity, and structures. TOK requires DP understudies to present a paper for outside evaluation.

  • DP courses

All IB Diploma Program (DP) understudies take an interest in DP courses. The quality of the DP is the manner by which learning is interconnected crosswise over individual subjects. Joined with the center necessities, DP courses are one section the DP’s comprehensive way to deal with educating. Notwithstanding, schools may enable understudies to specifically total IB courses or potentially sit for individual exams instead of pick to finish the full IB recognition. In some random course, understudies will finish a subject’s coursework paying little mind to their status as a course understudy or a full confirmation applicant.

  • External assessment

These evaluations are reviewed via prepared IB analysts. Outer appraisals incorporate the composed IB exams taken by the understudy toward the finish of a DP course, regularly in their second year of the Diploma Program. In a few courses, including film, the outside appraisal is a literary examination. In visual expressions, studio work is evaluated. For an inside view on IB appraisals, read this article.

  • Higher Level (HL)

HL courses are instructed more than two years and incorporate a thorough investigation of the course material. These courses enable understudies to investigate territories of enthusiasm inside the subject in more noteworthy profundity when contrasted with SL.

  • Standard level (SL)

SL courses guarantee understudies are presented to a scope of orders that they may somehow or another quit. These courses are intended to be educated more than two-years, with a few special cases. SL exams are somewhat shorter contrasted and HL exams.

HL and some SL exams, given to second-year understudies, may give understudies college acknowledge or propelled remaining for an individual review of 6 or 7, and in a few events with a 5 (see singular college sites to discover).

  • IB exam results

IB exams, paying little heed to whether they are HL or SL, are evaluated between 1-7, with 1 being the most reduced and 7 being the largest amount. Numerous schools and colleges portray IB exam levels as IB exam scores, notwithstanding, every one of the seven review levels offer a point by point depiction of understudy execution and comprehension.

  • Internal Assessment (IA)

An IA is an individual appraisal assessed by the subject instructor with a rundown of criteria and is generally centered around some subject-related work. Nearby the criteria, tests of the understudy’s work (oral exhibitions, portfolios, lab reports, and expositions) are likewise submitted to the IB.


These are course-particular desires or criteria for execution assessment utilized by the educator. They exist in each subject to help in the evaluating of IAs.


This is the procedure of assessment for inner evaluations (IA’s) utilized by a named IB assessor. Control guarantees that the IB’s solid worldwide gauges are kept up at all IB World Schools.

  • Learner profile

The IB student profile is a rundown of characteristics that the IB wishes to sustain in its understudies. These characteristics are revolved around universal mindedness, request, and reflection. For a total rundown of student profile attributes click here.

  • Predicted grades

These are submitted scores that instructors trust every understudy will accomplish on their DP exam in a given subject.



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